TKN Inc. believe in its core values and the need to invest and make meaningful difference within the communities TKN Inc. live in and do business.

Its Social Responsibility programmes range from pro-bono legal assistance to the development, upliftment and transformation of communities through its Social Responsibility Programmes and Projects.

Pro–Bono Legal Services

TKN Inc is committed to respecting and promoting the rights entrenched in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. As a corporate citizen, TKN Inc. is committed to facilitating the access to justice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, and promoting legal services to individuals and non-profit organisations.

Every Lawyer in the firm is called to make a contribution to pro-bono which offers them the opportunity individually to fulfil their social responsibility commitments. TKN Inc. young lawyers and candidate attorneys gain invaluable experience and perspective through exposure to a wide range of pro-bono and human rights matters.

Skills Development

TKN Inc. continue to be active in practical legal training for young lawyers through the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) and through the Law Society (LSSA). TKN Inc. has long held the view that upliftment, transformation and empowerment of people from disadvantaged backgrounds can best be achieved by creating opportunities for such people to work and be trained within the firm. Through its Training and Development Programmes, and a twinning arrangement with SASSETA, TKN Inc. has a full process of transfer of skills and expertise to its support staff and candidate attorneys.

Environmental Sustainability

TKN Inc. recognise the critical importance natural resources have on economic growth and sustainable development. TKN Inc. continually strive to reduce its environmental impact in all areas of its business. To achieve this, TKN Inc. focus its commitment to operate in a responsible way in areas such as:

  • Reduction and efficient use of water, energy and paper
  • Reduction, re-use and recycling of waste
  • Creating an environmental awareness among staff, clients and business partners.