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The re- launch of the firm in celebrating a Silver Jubilee in providing legal services was officially celebrated at a splendid breakfast meeting held on Friday, July 12th of 2013 at the Southern Sun Maharani Hotel, with many esteemed members of the legal profession, captains of industry and the firm’s valued clients in attendance.


TKN incorporated continues to find ways to plough back into the communities it lives and do business. As a norm, TKN Inc is committed to respecting and promoting the rights entrenched in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. As a corporate citizen, TKN Inc. is committed to facilitating the access to justice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, and promoting legal services to individuals and non-profit organisations.

Every Lawyer in the firm is called to make a contribution to pro-bono which offers them the opportunity individually to fulfil their social responsibility commitments. TKN Inc. young lawyers and candidate attorneys gain invaluable experience and perspective through exposure to a wide range of pro-bono and human rights matters. Every year, TKN Inc attorneys participate in the Wills Week, for more information

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TKN Inc. aim to consistently provide high quality legal advisory services covering the complete spectrum of its clients in order to assist them find meaningful, practical and bankable solutions to their businesses and other problems at all times. TKN Inc. understands the importance of not only providing its clients with traditional legal services and opinions but also going a step further by providing strategic insight and recommendations.